Meeting with P.I. (Principal Investigator) regarding electronic files for publisher for biological text book.
Convert electronic files and create CD, FedEX to editor.
Meeting with author regarding maps for anthropological text book.
Locate electronic files and upload to server for P.I. in Germany for his manuscript in Chemical Oceanography.


Meeting with P.I. regarding slides for a meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).
Receive data via floppy disk and hard copy.
Work on maps, text slides in the software program Adobe Illustrator.
Receive data via email and work on illustration and tables for overhead transparencies for the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).
Roughs to P.I. for proofing.
Receive Microsoft Excel files for presentation graphs for Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for the accounting department.
Upload files to ftp site for making slides.


Phone conversations regarding department Christmas cards.
Phone conversations regarding accounting presentation.
Email with system administrator regarding computer.
Meeting with student regarding instructions for making/printing posters from PowerPoint.
Meeting with researcher regarding creating figure.
Create figure in Adobe Illustrator and email to researcher.
Receive corrections via email for overheads for ASA.
Complete corrections, scan photo, label and print transparencies.


An example of Jo's artwork.

Assist administrator in printing overheads from PowerPoint.
Download PowerPoint file and print sample poster for student.
Download Adobe Illustrator files for poster, correct problems and print poster.
Call Technical Editor regarding files sent on CD. Discuss same with publisher.
Find electronic files and make postscript files for in-house publishing department.
Work on cartoon for piece of equipment.


Phone call regarding postscript files.
Transmit same postscript files and discuss making poster of oceanographic atlas. Make sample files.
Meeting with student regarding PowerPoint poster.
Meeting with student regarding Adobe Illustrator file. Remake poster and scan new files. Receive new text files.
Work on PowerPoint presentation for accounting department.

Jo Griffith

  • Principle Illustrator, Marine Physical Laboratory
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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