Curriculum Vitae

Rose M. Dufour

Ship Scheduler/Clearance Officer

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

La Jolla, California


1979 - 1984 B. S., Political Science, University of California, San Diego

A.S. International History, University of California, San Diego

A.S. Economics, University of California, San Diego


1996 - present UNOLS Ship Scheduling Committee UNOLS Representative, Scheduling Procedures Sub-Committee

1993 - present SIO Ship Scheduler/Clearance part time

1989 - present U.S. Representative Marine Scientific Research Law of the Sea, United Nations

1986 - 1993 SIO Ship Scheduler/Clearance full time

1981 - 1985 Assistant – Ship Operations


1983 Melville Lander Expedition, San Diego to San Diego

1984 T. Washington Marathon Expedition, Pago Pago Samoa, to Mar de Plata, Argentina

1989 T. Washington Roundabout Expedition, Majuro to Suva, Fiji